Welcome to NodeGrid

You can use this app to create NodeGrid nodes, view, claim and compound rewards.

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Create a Node

Choose between the three tiers of nodes below:

Active Tier:
Please approve the contract before creating a node if this is your first interaction with NodeGrid.

Upgrade Nodes

In order to upgrade node tiers, you must possess a quantity of $NGRID tokens that is equal to or greater than the difference in the tiers price.

  • Basic to Light nodes - Costs 5 Basic nodes
  • Basic to Pro nodes - Costs 10 Basic nodes
  • Light to Pro nodes - Costs 2 Light nodes

Create a node with $NGRID tokens to earn NodeGrid token rewards.

Rewards calculations are based on many factors, including the number of nodes, node revenue, token price, and protocol revenue, which are variable and subject to change over time.